Real earth system science


What are the Guides?

You can learn more about the guides on our Teacher Friendly Guide pages on our TFG site.  Here’s some information from that site:

  1. BulletThe Guides give teachers the background they need to make sense of regional and local geology in terms of a basic sequence of historical events and processes. This empowers teachers to bring local and regional geology into their curricula and facilitates inquiry-based teaching!

  2. BulletThe Guides help teachers to meet national and state science standards by providing concrete examples of geologic processes that are closer to home than many classic textbook examples.

  3. BulletExplaining why geological features occur when and where they do is the most effective way of providing students with a tool to remember and predict the nature of local geology.

  4. BulletThe Guides are "teacher-friendly"....they are written for teachers so they are non-technical, clear and easy to use.

  5. BulletThe Guides are not a curriculum...they are a complement to your existing curriculum and a valuable teacher resource!


Teacher-Friendly Guides: 

Learn about your region in a teacher-friendly way.

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