The Arbuckles & Turner Falls

Turner Falls is a travertine waterfalls situated in Oklahoma’s Arbuckle Mountains.  This site provides an opportunity to begin to explore the lay of the land in the Arbuckles. 

The resources provided here include a PowerPoint file that is intended to be used by students working individually or in small groups at computers rather than to be used as a presentation.  The file is also available in Apple’s Keynote. 


What you should know

  1. This file provides a basic framework in which other pieces will be added.  Included in the file are map overlays, the route for our field work and a small number of placemarks for landmarks along the way.

  2. The file Arbuckles.kml was created on the last morning of the workshop.   It has several embedded photos from some of our fieldwork sites.  The Google Map above is the source of this file.

Exploring The Arbuckles

About The Arbuckles VFE Template

To download the student version of the VFE template, choose the appropriate file type below:
  1. PowerPoint (8.6 MB)

  2. Keynote (54 MB)

The files above include an array of questions that scientists might ask of any field site.  As in the real world of scientific fieldwork, some questions are easily answered and many are more difficult. 

There are a number of ways to approach assessment in such settings.  Scientists often present posters describing what they’ve learned in the field.  Student groups might focus on different aspects of a site, or the way different processes impact that site.

Careful study of a field site involves more than one major topic or unit from an Earth science class. Consider visiting field sites (whether they are actual or virtual sites) several times over the course of the year.  

They could, more simply, answer the questions on Generic_VFE_questions.doc

The Arbuckles VFE is also available as a template with instructions for the teacher to customize for locations of their choice, by replacing photos from the Arbuckles.  To download the template, visit the Assessments and Student Materials page.