1. We’re developing an FAQ.  In order to do that, we need you to ask questions!

  2. Send an email to Don or Skype him at dugganhaas. 

  1. The FAQ is now found at the bottom the page, Your Own Powers of Ten.  Click the link and scroll down to see if your question has been addressed.

IMPORTANT! The newer version of Google Earth (7.0) makes this step easier than what is shown in the video!

  1. There is now an “Add Image” button when you edit placemarks.

  2. Within Picasa, copy the URL of your photo by simply right clicking (control click on the Mac). A pop-up menu appears. Select “Copy Image URL”. The exact phrasing varies from browser to browser. (Don’t use Internet Explorer as it’s more complicated).

  3. In Google Earth, click “Add Image” and paste the URL. Check to see that it ends “.jpg” or another image file extension.

  4. Click OK.