ReaL* Earth Inquiry Workshop (South Central US)

Pre-assessment Part 1:

Improving Science Teaching and Learning


To better tailor the workshop to your needs, we’re asking that you complete a pre-assessment.  Most of the questions in the pre-assessment ask you to respond to statements about science teaching, learning, and assessment, and tell us both how important those things are to you and whether or not you think you have evidence to show that you are doing them well. 

In the professional development program that begins with this workshop, we’ll do our best to give you support in the areas that you think are important but that you don’t feel you are bringing to your students now (that is, those things you say you’re lacking evidence for). 

We’ll also ask some questions about your comfort with and access to different technologies. 

Part 1 is below and consists of 19 questions.

Part 2 is found here and consists of 18 questions.

Part 3 is found here and consists of 22 questions.

About the pre-assessment

About the Science Inventory Profiler:

The Science Inventory Profiler was developed by Capital Area Regional Science Improvement Initiative (CARSII) who drew their statements and ideas from a variety of sources including: Ingham ISD staff; Genesee ISD-Office of Education and Learning; Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Columbia University; Assessment Training Institute; National Staff Development Council; Curriculum Leadership Institute; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; National Curriculum Audit Center; Division of Science and Mathematics Education, Michigan State University; North Central Regional Educational Laboratory; Judy Schaftenaar, Middle Cities; Science and Mathematics Program Improvement, Western Michigan University; Science Education Guidebook.

Getting Ready:

  1. Getting Ready Overview

  2. Logistics

  3. Make Your Own Powers of Ten.

  4. Pre-assessment Part 1: Improving Science Teaching and Learning

  5. Pre-assessment Part 2: Assessment -- Implications for Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

  6. Pre-assessment Part 3: Technology

  7. Reading: How Students Learn Executive Summary.  (pdf)

This information is also available for download: ReaL Earth Inquiry Workshop: Information Packet &

Tentative Agenda (revised 7/15/09)



You might find the grid below useful to think about your responses.  We’ll provide copies of the grid at the workshop along with printouts of your responses.

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