ReaL* Earth Inquiry Workshop (South Central US)

Pre-assessment Part 3:



Part 3: Technology

About the Science Inventory Profiler:

The Science Inventory Profiler was developed by Capital Area Regional Science Improvement Initiative (CARSII) who drew their statements and ideas from a variety of sources including: Ingham ISD staff; Genesee ISD-Office of Education and Learning; Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Columbia University; Assessment Training Institute; National Staff Development Council; Curriculum Leadership Institute; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; National Curriculum Audit Center; Division of Science and Mathematics Education, Michigan State University; North Central Regional Educational Laboratory; Judy Schaftenaar, Middle Cities; Science and Mathematics Program Improvement, Western Michigan University; Science Education Guidebook.

Getting Ready:

  1. Getting Ready Overview

  2. Logistics

  3. Make Your Own Powers of Ten.

  4. Pre-assessment Part 1: Improving Science Teaching and Learning

  5. Pre-assessment Part 2: Assessment -- Implications for Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

  6. Pre-assessment Part 3: Technology

  7. Reading: How Students Learn Executive Summary.  (pdf)

This information is also available for download: ReaL Earth Inquiry Workshop: Information Packet &

Tentative Agenda (revised 7/15/09)



You might find the grid below useful to think about your responses.  We’ll provide copies of the grid at the workshop along with printouts of your responses.

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Part 1 is here and consists of 19 questions.

Part 2 is found here and consists of 18 questions.

Part 3 is below and consists of 22 questions.