Virtual Fieldwork Tutorials and how tos

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Older Tutorials

Newer tutorials are listed to the left.

With screen-capture video:

  1. Make a Virtual Fieldwork Experience Using a Simple Prezi Template

  2. Adding Overlays to Google Earth

  3. Make Your Own Powers of Ten

  4. Using Digital Geologic Maps in Concert with Google Earth’s Elevation Profile Tool

Basic How-tos

Download pdfs:

  1. Set up a Google Account Mac PC

  2. How to Download Google Earth Mac PC

  3. Using Picasa Mac PC

  4. Screen Capture PC

See newer tutorials on the ReaL Blog.

This page may not link to the most recent tutorials. Check for those on the ReaL Blog.

Keep the following in mind as you work through the tutorials:

  1. Don’t hesitate to hesitate. It’s easy to pause the video and flip back and forth between the video and your work.  Use the slider to replay segments of the video you want to see again. 

  2. A Google account will come in handy. While you can use Google Earth without a Google account, aspects are simpler with the account. You may also create content using the My Maps section of Google Maps and export it to Google Earth.  It is also easy to bring photos into Google Earth from Picassa, Google’s photo sharing site and videos from youtube (also owned by Google).   

  3. You can collaborate across distance.  In Google My Maps, click the ‘Collaborate’ link to invite others to work on your map.

The older tutorials below were produced using at least three different software packages.  Jing allows for simple sharing of video screen captures.  The following videos were all created using Jing.  Google Maps allows for easy editing of interactive maps.  Those maps can be downloaded and displayed on a virtual globe in Google Earth.  All of this software is free.